Konlan Lambongang

Executive Secretary

“For the past 23 years I have been part of this organisation. (...) The vision is to see an improved situation of women of Northern Ghana, the situation of illiteracy, situation of poverty, situation of hunger and disease. Since the inception I have continued to be part of this program because I have the commitment to ensure that this organisation succeeds. (...) It was formed basically as an illiterate group of women who needed some support to grow, and indeed this has been the driving force behind my continuous stay in this organisation.”


Tia Zakari

Finance Officer

“The mission and vision of Maata-n-Tudu talks about capacity building and the eradication of poverty and for me, whatever has to be done for the wellbeing of women touches my heart.”


Tahiru Abdul-Latif

Internal Auditor

As a man, I feel very comfortable working with a women's institution, because I believe I can help the women, particularly those in the three Northern Regions improve their economic status, and become aware of their rights and responsibilities. I believe that men can be just as committed as women in working towards improving women's situation, saying otherwise is a state of mind.

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Yembate Doumongue

Management and Information Systems' Officer

“I am from a northern background and I know the severity of poverty in this environment. I see it as a privilege to belong to an organization whose mission and vision is to reach out to the less privileged and help improve their conditions and lives. I feel a sense of giving back to a society that is similar to the one I hail from.”

Ashia Mahama Yakubo

Loan Officer

"I have been working with Maata-N-Tudu Association for seventeen years now. I would choose Maata-N-Tudu again over any other association, because we work with my fellow women to upgrapde their businesses."

Grace Munira Mohammed


I have been working with Maata-N-Tudu since 1995. I enjoy working with women's groups, especially when I see improvements in their lives. I share the Association's mission and vision through educating women on the benefits of financial independence, to take care of their families.


Issifu Amidu Dambe

Data Entry Clerk

Mateyenu Elisebeth Mapiin


Laar Manianin



Jaboa Samuel

Credit Officer


Daabor Saagaan Sampson

Loans Officer

Christiana Amadu

Loans Officer


John Yamdauk

Loans Officer

Mohammed Lantana

Loans Officer


Kombat Kofi

Credit Officer

Surazu Wasila

Loans Officer


Duut Mamudu

Credit Officer

Ninkab Kofi Kennedy Gbandi

Loans Officer


Moferi Lucynda

Loans Officer

Tan Frank

Loans Officer

Eunice Ayaribire

Loans Officer


Kakariba Suuk

Credit Officer

Felecia Kannyogenge

Loans Officer

Esung Rogaton

Loans Officer