About Us



"Provide financial and other development services to rural communities in the three Northern Regions of Ghana, and to marginalised women in particular".


Maata-N-Tudu Association, "Women of the North", was established as a non-governmental women’s membership organization in September 1993, following the completion of the CUSO Women in Development Project which operated in the three Northern Regions of Ghana for five (5) years.

Traditionally the area is patriarchal and women do not have control over, or access to resources. However through a revolving loan fund, the participants were given the opportunity to build their financial resources as well as their capacity to manage and use these funds.

The project unfortunately could not be renewed after the 5 years due to a change of government in Canada.

The beneficiaries of the defunct project then came together to continue in the provision of micro finance services as well as other social services.

The institution has since increased its coverage from 3 to 21 districts within its catchment areas, and its membership from 1,400 to over 13,000 women.